Visiting Vicopisano is like going back to Middle Age...just think that a good 9 towers are still present in its historical centre, which date back from the 11th to the 15th century and represent a real collection of medieval buildings, and an example of the time when the "Tower", was the symbol of the power of a family. Furthermore, going along the walls, one can still see 4 cylindrical towers that were used for the strategic defence of the walls themselves. So, 13 towers either of military and civil type can be visited in Vicopisano as a testimony to the importance of the Castle. This importance will appear even more evident, if we think that two of these towers were designed (or re-adapted, as we will see later) by Brunelleschi.


Ecco un elenco riassuntivo ed i dati delle principali torri vicaresi:

torre Gemella sud rett. 5m x 5m x 20m sec. XII-XIV
torre Gemella nord quad. 5m x 5m x 24m sec. XII-XIV
torre dei Serretti rett. 4m x 5m x 20m sec. XIII
torre dell'Orologio irreg. 3,8m x 5,6m x 22m sec. XII
torre Malanima rett. 6m x 4m x 16m sec. XIII
torre delle Quattro Porte quad. 6,4m x 6,4m x 16m sec. XIII
torre del Soccorso quad. 5m x 5m x 25m sec. XV
torre della Rocca rett. 9m x 7m x 32m sec. XV
torre di Via Pietraia rett. 6,2m x 6m x 14m sec. XI-XII