The two towers show the same building features and will be analyzed together; though partly hidden by the Town Hall (especially the west tower), they show however a certain interest. First of all, alike Torre Malanima, they too were built with different techniques: “verrucano” ashlars and terracotta bricks. This clearly demonstrates that both of them underwent changes and elevations, probably due to the fact that the two towers were located along the wall enclosure and therefore suffered damages resulting from the numerous sieges.

Furthermore the two towers, which date back to the beginning of 1300, were an integral part of the medieval Rocca (fortress), which is not to be confused with the later “Rocca of Brunelleschi”. When Vicopisano fell under the rule of Florence (1406), the fortress existing at the time was dismantled and replaced with the one planned by Filippo Brunelleschi. Fortunately the two towers were not demolished; even when the area of the Old Rocca became a private property in 1500, the two towers were spared. In 1600, the use of the area was again changed from private to public, as it became the seat of the Vicarial Chancery. Let’s now examine in detail the building characteristics of the two towers:
This tower - cited in documents since 1330 - shows two building phases: the first one (11th-12th century) - featured by “verrucano” stone ashlars of considerable dimensions – is about 8 meters high and is connected with the remains of the market gate, “Porta di mercato”, that opened in the wall enclosure till the 17th century. In this section of the tower one can still observe the small upper-level door, that clearly indicates the originally military function of the tower. The second building section (14th century), made in “Sienese” bricks, is about 20 meters high and battlemented on three sides. This second building phase is probably to be attributed to the works made in 1330 during the construction of the Old Rocca.
It has got the same structural and chronological characteristics as the “East” tower. The only difference is that the older part made in “verrucano” stone is considerably high ( 19 meters), indicating less damages and rebuildings than its “sister” tower. The remaining top 5 meters are constructed with bricks with the “Sienese” technique. This tower is also battlemented on the sides facing the outside of the Castle. Its base dimensions are5x5 meters.