The “Torre del Soccorso” (Defence Tower) is an integral part of the fortifications designed by Brunelleschi and has therefore to be considered as part of a complex and not as a single unit. Its main function – as already mentioned in our first description of the Rocca – is clearly indicated by its name: it was the tower that assured the control of the massive wall that was an access to the Fortress; this massive wall had been designed as a preferential entrance to the Fortress in case of rebellion of the Castle of Vico. 
From the lower part of the tower - provided with an access portal facing the outside and communicating with a little cove reachable from the Arno river, one could go inside and up the tower, access the massive wall and arrive to the Rocca. In that way, the “Torre del Soccorso” allowed the soldiers barricaded inside the Fortress to be safely provisioned with food and troops, also in the event of riots or sieges. Two tracts of the Castle wall joined onto the tower: on the North side they are still preserved for a long way, while on the South side, only traces of the toothing are still visible.
This place is indeed one of the most characteristic in Vico; in the past, it was one of the access points to the Castle, as at that time there was a gate, later demolished at the end of 1700.