Going along Via Vicarese in the direction of Pisa we meet the small urban settlement of Noce, located at the foot of “Monte Verruca” . The village - interesting for its location - was first mentioned in 970. In past times it has always been a possession of wealthy Pisan families (Del Mosca, Lanfreducci) that built there their residences and farms. Today, Noce is featured by the small church of San Domenico (dated 1639 according to an inscription on its façade) and by a series of edifices, settled around the villa Lanfreducci-Upezzinghi. This was probably built in the 15th century, but it was deeply renewed in 1637, when a big yard was also added, which is now enclosed by an ashlar boundary wall made in the 19th century. In the surroundings, there are other buildings once belonged to the Lanfreducci family.
From Noce, you can go up the slopes of Mount Verruca, walking in a natural environment made of olive trees, cypresses, cluster-pines and the typical low stone walls (the traditional “grotti” which delimit the crags of the olive groves) that slowly leave space to the low vegetation that grows on stony grounds.


Uno scorcio del borgo di Noce