Uliveto Terme, a small village surrounded by green hills covered with olive trees, is primarily known for the water spring that is named after the village itself. This renowned spring was well-known also in past times by the farmers and the people of the neighbouring villages. They all used to come to this source - called “the ancient bath” – to drink the water that “had a different taste and a restoring power”.
There was often a long queue of people waiting in line to fill their flasks, hoping to get beneficial effects from that important natural product.
The historical event was documented by Ludovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750) who mentions a document dating back to the 11th century, where it was said of a “Balneum et Fontanam” in Uliveto and where the important role of the village of Uliveto was highlighted. It appears evident from this fact that the refreshing and healthy effects of this water were known since those ancient times.

In a later time, Doctor Giuli clearly indicated the healthy effects of this water: his survey was further analyzed by some well known Italian clinicians, such as Grocco, Fedele and Zoja who contributed to the development of the thermal plant.
We already said that the healthy effects of this water were known also in very ancient times and the tradition was handed on till nowadays by the people of Uliveto, Vicopisano, Pisa and many other places in Tuscany. 
In modern times, through in-depth clinical experimentations it has been discovered that this water is rich in calcium-bicarbonate; it is thanks to the abundance of these two chemical elements that it is so much effective in treating the gastro-enteric dysfunctions.
The water is served in a lodge inside the Spa. One can also enjoy a walk around the park,which is provided with sport facilities, such as swimming pool and tennis courts. Inside the park you can also find the beautiful Romanesque small church of San Martino al Bagno Antico.

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