In spite of its poor state of preservation, still today this building shows its ancient splendour. It is one of the oldest examples of a medieval palace in Vicopisano. It was made by the aggregation of four different constructions, that can be identified by the different levels of the windows and of the roof tops. It dates back to the 12th century, at the height of the Romanesque Age; this feature is manifested by the round arches and by the massive “verrucano” walls.

The complex history of this building can be read in its façade, featured by numerous windows, doors and corbels that reveal its ancientness and contribute to its charm. The stone corbels on the façade indicate the presence at that time of external wood structures, a common medieval feature on the civil buildings of a certain importance (they were in fact present in Palazzo Pretorio, in the “Torre dell’Orologio” and in several tower-houses).
The square which is in front of the palace has been recently restored by the Municipality and adds to the appeal of the palace, together with the nice medieval buildings that surround it. The terrace gardens - that are spread on the slope of the hill – were also a characteristic of the medieval towns, a feature that has been kept till nowadays.